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Cutting Wheels

Super Thin Cutting Wheels



  • 107x1.2x16mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 107x1.2x16mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 125x1.2x22mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 150x1.2x22mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 355x2.5x25.4mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 400x3.2x32mm Cutting Wheels For Metal

  • 115x1.0x22mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 180x1.6x22mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 230x1.9x22mm Super Thin Cutting Wheels

  • 180x3x22mm Cutting Wheels For Metal

  • 355x3.2x25.4mm Cutting Wheels For Metal

  • 230x2x22mm Depressed Center Cutting Wheels

SHOUCHUANG abrasives nine incomparable advantages

Good quality is trustworthy

Advantages of brand value
The original three production procedures solved a series of technical difficulties of abrasives, and established the industry leading position of Shouchuang Abrasives Brand. The products have obtained the technical certification and applied the National Universal Product Code to lay a solid foundation for entering the first-tier circulating market。
New advantages of product R&D and innovation
Shouchuang Abrasives has its own R&D center to provide the first-class products beyond of the existing industry products continuously. Shouchuang Abrasives built the industry-leading equipments and integrated security inspection equipments to ensure the consistent product quality of Shouchuang Abrasives.
Advantages of construction of terminal channel
The company implements the exclusive agency distribution mode, pays attention to building the brand image of Shouchuang Abrasives, unifies the visual image and overall display style of the door, establishes a high-quality professional market service team, provides technical guidance for the distributors, and provide the customized and high targeted market management and development plan.
Advantages of sales and operation
The market service team of Shouchuang Abrasives is composed of the business elites with local actual operation experience for many years, and the differential marketing method, flexible and appropriate marketing strategy make the product adapt to the market. So that the consumers can recognize Shouchuang Abrasives Brand.
Advantages of brand image
Shouchuang Abrasives brand is not only based on the promotion in domestic market, but also the propagation in international market. For the industry refining propagation, the company implements the precise promotion for the user groups and target customers to make Shouchuang Abrasives brand be embedded in the hearts of the great number of consumers deeply.
Cooperation concept of sharing the achievements
Insist on close and stable cooperation relationship with the manufacturers, and insist on cultivating and improving the business technology and business level to ensure close cooperation among manufacturers, joint improvement and sharing the development achievements of Shouchuang Abrasives.                       
Advantages of operation and management
Implement the requirements of new standard IOS1: 2008 strictly, and conduct the internal quality audit once a year at least to ensure the stable production and management, product quality of the company.
Advantages of development of distributors
Provide the professional development plan, professional business training and technical support for the distributors. The training plan should be improved step by step, and the theory and event should be combined.
Advantages of production process
Follow up the world’s most advanced production process and management mode, always insist on the production and management concept of success determined by details, introduce the domestic and foreign advanced production equipments and technologies, and focus on control of production process.

SHOUCHUANG abrasives GOOD product worthy of trust

Langfang Shouchuang Abrasives Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in production of fiber reinforced polymer abrasive cutting wheel, cymbals abrasive disc, stainless steel ultrathin sheet, flap disc and other products. The company is an executive director of Abrasives Committee of Hardware Mechanical and Electrical Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry of Commerce, and a well-known resin abrasive manufacturer in China...